Quick opening closures


Different models of quick opening closures

The company designs and manufactures three types of quick opening closures in Italy.
The closures can be toothed, band type and with jaws, according to ASME, EN and PED standards.
All models are equipped with a standard safety system (UG35) and on request of an INTERLOCK system.




Quick opening closures are produced in all materials without measuring limits and for pressure series up to # 2500 and API 10,000.
Depending on the size, the locks can be equipped with a simple handwheel or with different accessories to facilitate opening and closing (reducers, hydraulic systems, etc.)

Our quick opening closures are designed with the support of finite element analysis (F.E.A.) according to ASME VIII div.2 part.5, EN13445-5 and PD 5500, and meets the specifications UG-35.2 ASME VIII div.1
They are available in a wide range of material and grades SA105N, SA350 LF2, SA182 F316L / 304L, UNS31803 and other alloy materials, also with welding inserts for special uses, for certified asme and U-Stamppressure devices.




The strength of tradition
It is the model we have been producing for the longest time and for this reason the most tested. It consists of the classic three-piece scheme composed of two half-rings HUB and COVER.



It represents the right compromise between economy and practicality. The simple rotation of the lid allows a quick opening and closing of the appliance.




This is the state of the art applied to our quick opening closures. In this model, the opening and closing of the appliance are made possible by the presence of a flexible half-ring.


Contact our staff for more information on the quick opening closures we produce. Call us to request the realization of closures based on your project and we will meet all your needs.